Calling all awesome Dads out there. This one is for you! Introducing our new Dad's club, Dynamic Allen Dads!
What is a Dynamic Allen Dad?
A father who has a huge heart and hopes to help others. A father who puts kids before himself. A man who hopes to influence kids in a positive way. A positive role model, has a strong handshake, a man that is genuine. Does this sound like a father you know? Our goal is to provide visible and identifiable fatherly role models on our campus for students to recognize and connect with. High fives with the students will be encouraged! 
What is the time commitment?
The program will be offered 2 Fridays each month and the time commitment is about 30 minutes. Sign up for any Friday that works for you! You can help out once a month or once a year! 
Shifts are 8:30-9:00 for AHS and 8:25-8:55 for LFC every other Friday each month. On the day you volunteer, check in at the main desk and check the clipboard for your assigned spot. They will have mints for you to hand out. 
How can you become a DAD?
Becoming a DAD is easy! 
All volunteers must complete a background check to be eligible to volunteer in AISD. Click here to apply now. Please allow 2 weeks for the application to be processed. Applicants will be notified by AISD when approval has been granted to volunteer. Volunteers are required to complete a new application each school year. You will be able to use the same User ID and Password each year that you apply.
Once AISD has approved your volunteer application, you are ready to SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER
Please contact Nichollette Mitchell at if you have any questions!